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Are you a tech company?

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WeSurf’s leadership workshops grant women a powerful skill-set to tap into their hidden potential, useful on the surfboard, in the boardroom and in between.
As a social venture, for every workshop we sell, we provide a workshop, free of charge, to youth from underprivileged communities.


Who is WeSurf for?

In the tech world, as in the sea, only a small percentage of professionals are women. WeSurf is designed with women, tech and the ocean in mind. Investing in new leadership experiences for women addresses an often-overlooked aspect of company culture, and can help companies maximize their employees’ potential in an innovative– and fun – way. (1).gif
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Research shows that women take less risks than men, and as a result, gain less rewards in the business world. WeSurf creates a secure space where women learn to embrace uncertainty, take risks and tap into hidden strengths.

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A great network is critical to pave the road to success. At WeSurf, we believe that women are the best teachers to other women. After WeSurf’s workshop, women will not only increase their potential, but will bolster their professional network and their networking skills.

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When you choose WeSurf, you choose to recognize the importance of investing in women leaders - both now and in the future. Every workshop bought has a double social impact: empowering your employees and funding a workshop for underserved youth.


“After WeSurf I now know I can do anything”

-Dafna Lifshitz, CEO Appleseeds Academy-


WeSurf Workshop

WeSurf is a one day workshop that uses experiential learning to master leadership skills in competitive environments.

Through surf classes in a disruptive setting, and using our unique methodology, participants create physical memories that allow them to unleash their hidden potential.

What can participants expect?

  • Mapping out and overcoming fears that are holding them back.

  • Acquiring new skills that will allow them to find their Zone of Genius

  • Unleashing their inner power and learning to trust themselves through experiential learning.

  • Networking organically, forging ties and connections with like minded individuals from other players in the industry.


Gathering at the beach

Gathering at the beach

6 hours workshop

6 hours workshop

Leading women in tech

Leading women in tech

Surfing classes

Surfing classes

Endless impact back to your company and society

Endless impact back to your company and society

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