How can I participate?

Tech companies buy our ‘from the Surfboard to the Boardroom’ workshop to empower their teams and their leaders.
In each workshop, we will have a mix of women from several different tech companies.

Individuals can’t purchase a workshop, but you can encourage your HR department to contact us.

Do I need to be
a surfer?

You don’t need to know how to surf. We have a team of dedicated surfing instructors for that.
However, you do need to know how to swim.

What is WESURF’s business model?

WESURF’s business model is called one-for-one. It means that for each workshop sold, we will give one free of charge workshop to a woman from underprivileged communities. The one-for-one model allows us to create a double bottom line impact. A “double bottom line” measures a company’s performance not only in terms of profit and loss, but also in terms of positive social impact.
At WeSurf, we believe that true change must include both women and men, working together to create a respectful environment of inclusion and collaboration.

Why is it only for women?


In the tech world, as in the sea, only a small percentage of professionals are women. We wish to diversify the entire landscape by teaching women how to surf, face their fears and create waves that will cause a ripple effect in all aspects of their lives. We believe that true change must include both women and men.

In the future, we plan to expand our activities to all change leaders.