Why Surfing?

Many people ask us - why surfing? Why not soccer, or rock climbing - or any other outdoorsy activity? Our answer to this is simple. All outdoors activities and extreme sports would be a great way to maximize people’s potential, but the interaction with the ocean that surfing requires makes it unique when it comes to bestowing leadership skills and teaching self reliance. Surfing is a sport that is split into stages - and each stage holds different lessons to be learned.

PADDLING OUT: Heading out into the open water with nothing but a floating board to keep you safe requires dedication, courage and persistence. Leadership is all about trusting yourself and your discipline - and learning to do that with a surfboard later translates into surfers’ professional and personal lives as well.

LEARNING PATTERNS:  The ocean is very much like the business arena. It changes constantly, and can feel random at times - but if you practice enough, you can master your environment, identify the right waves, the direction of the current, the strength of the wind and of course - the right board to ride them with.

LEVERAGING FAILURE: in a single surfing session, we can fall more than 40 times. It is part of surfing. Each time you fall you must ask yourself “what just happened? Was I too fast? Did I jump too early?” Analyze it, don’t repress it.  Embrace your fall, and after it, allow time for self reflection.